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Devide is a marketing platform for all kind of influencers, including you.

Everything started as a dream to do something different, to create something unique that not only top influencers could benefit from.

Then with all of you in mind we created a revolutionary concept that no one else had done before.

We started to think outside the box and handpicked the best things we knew and skipped all musts and enforced demands.

The most common way of making money as an influencer is to post a picture and get paid for it. One picture, one payment.

We use this setup in our platform as well, but more important is to join our Crowd of Brand Ambassadors and get paid over and over again. You benefit from every sale that is made no matter where it gets sold.

Devide is all about to Live Good, Look Good and Give Good

Let’s enrich your lifestyle!


We are building brands, brands that you can have a part of. Think about your favorite brands and how often you recommend those to the people around you. Imagine that you were a part of those brands.

You will help to spread new exclusive lifestyle brands and you will earn money by doing so. You will regularly earn money but will also get a piece of the total profit that each brand makes.

Here you help us spread new exclusive lifestyle brands and both get paid for it directly but also get a profit of the brand. Regardless of where and how the products are sold, you take part of the profit.

In order to grow brands we’ve created a platform with three successful marketing methods:

Crowd Marketing – through our Brand Ambassadors
Affiliate Marketing – high-performing affiliates
Traditional Marketing – social media, retail, online web shops, product placements, collaborations, etc.

As a Brand Ambassador, you will benefit from the accumulated profit from all three methods.

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All companies in our portfolio are Brand Partners. Most of the companies we have started ourselves and built from scratch. We partner up with an entrepreneur with the know-how of that specific product/service. Other Brand Partners we have acquired and has been either in a startup phase or even established companies on the market. We are always majority shareholder in all of the Brand Partners.


Anja Al-Akabi

Chief Executive Officer

Marcus Dahlgren

Chief Sales Officer/Founder


To become a Brand Ambassador is free and for you to wear and use our lifestyle products we offer you a great deal with our special promotions. Go to our webshop and check out today’s Brand Boxes and promotions.

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