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As the digital world grows, we grow with it, using the power of Crowd Marketing to build strong and solid brands.

In order to do that successfully we mix three main ingredients:

  • Crowd Marketing – through our brand ambassadors
  • Affiliate Marketing – with high-performance affiliates
  • Traditional Marketing – social media, retail, collaborations etc.

Becoming a Brand Ambassador has never been more lucrative. Not only will you make good earnings through your crowd but you will also get Profit Points in all of our product companies that definitely will make a difference in your income.
As a Brand Ambassador, you will benefit from the accumulated profit from all three areas.


Promoting exclusive quality lifestyle related luxury brands and services is rewarding yourself with an upgraded lifestyle. Our objective is not only to create, find and buy but also build and market trendy brands and revolutionize traditional marketing.

Devide provides a global platform for Crowd Marketing where people are in focus and profits are shared.

It’s our mission to motivate, educate and lead you to success.
We inspire you to be the best you can be and together we will make a difference.


All companies in our portfolio are Brand Partners. Some of the companies we have started ourselves and are building them from scratch. Other Brand Partners we have acquired and has been either in a startup phase or even established companies on the market. We are always majority shareholder in all of the Brand Partners.

In our first brand box, we are launching a pair of fashionable and luxurious sunglasses + a high-quality wrist watch suitable for any occasion.

Stay tuned for the reveal of our first Brand Partners during our pre-launch!


Being a Brand Ambassador is a 'by invitation only' privilege. If you have an invite code to Devide you can join for free and benefit from what we believe will be the world’s most extensive Crowd Marketing company. The pre-launch started June 2018 and the official launch will happen in Marbella, in May 2019.

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